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Winnipeg, Manitoba - December 25, 2003

On behalf of Rail Travel Tours-Best Wishes for the Holidays. Mid-December Rail Travel Tours had the very good fortune to travel onboard the CPR Holiday Train to help promote the fifth anniversary of this unique way to promote awareness for food banks in Canada and the U.S.A. It was an incredible holiday experience especially to see the kids faces when a freight train full of lights pulls into town and when adults turn into kids when they sang Christmas carols along with Tom Jackson, Amada Stott, Brad Johner and Beverley Mahood Of course trains don't stop because its Christmas and many may not be aware for those travelling today on VIA Rail's Canadian, and other services, dining cars and lounge cars are decorated with pine bows and a long standing tradition on Canadian trains continues as Turkey Dinner will be prepared onboard for passengers and crews who are experiencing travelling in Canada for a most memorable Christmas. For those that have travelled with Rail Travel Tours thank you for sharing our passion with travel in Canada by rail and for those who expressed an interest we look forward to continuing to share the passion. As well, for those in the industry keep up the great work, promoting travel, showcasing your communities and interests as well as exceeding expectations of those who have travelled recently creating many memories shared with friends and family at this time of year. A brilliant sun is shinning over Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, highlighting the blanket of snow that covers the city and after the sun sets we hope you can raise your glasses to our families, friends, loved ones and troops that are far from home and keep them in your thoughts. Again best regards for the Holiday Season and our best wishes well into next year.